12 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Guitar Players

Searching for the best Christmas gift for a friend, a family member or someone you love? 

Make this season extra special by giving them a guitar so they can start a new hobby or add to their collection. It’s always a pleasure to see more in every musician’s room. They are pretty good in keeping a variety of every gear so they have a lot to choose from and are ready to experiment. Having all of these add fun to the journey.

And for that, we have this guide to help everyone in finding guitars and accessories that are perfect gifts for guitar players.

Gifts for Guitar Players

Best Gifts for Guitar Players

Guitar players are among the most popular and in-demand musicians around. And what better way to show your love and appreciation than by giving them the best Christmas gift? 

Here are 12 great gift ideas that any guitar player will be sure to love.

Christmas Gift #1 – Guitar Tuners

A guitar tuner is a must-have for any guitar player. It is used to keep your guitar in tune. Moreover, a guitar tuner allows you to quickly and easily adjust your guitar’s tuning so that you can play in any key. 

Tuning instruments is an important part of every musician’s practice and performance routine. Make sure that your guitar is properly tuned before playing or performing.

Here are some of guitar tuners recommended for beginners:

Christmas Gift #2 – Guitar Straps

A guitar strap helps in keeping the guitar easy to hold while playing the guitar whether in sitting or standing position. 

As an extra treat to any guitarists, you can find cool and fashionable guitar straps in the market. It’s one of the highlighted accessories when playing in a gig, the crowd are quite fascinated by how this piece looks on every musician.

You can check out some of these guitar straps for your gift:

Christmas Gift #3 – Guitar Strings

A guitar string set is one of the most practical gifts you can give to guitar players. 

Strings are the basic commodity in the life of a musician. A guitar needs a new set of strings at least every three (3) months, especially to musicians who play often at home or when playing on stage. 

You only need to consider the type of guitar they are using, acoustic or electric

A lighter gauge is always a good start for a beginner guitar player. If that friend has been playing for a long time, also consider the kind of music he’s playing, there are strings dedicated for a certain music genre like jazz and blues.

The top three brands you can go out checking are:

And oh, you might want to buy two sets for your Christmas gift. You’ll do them a great favor providing an extra set. This gets them ready in case the strings break at the middle of a performance.

Christmas Gift #4 – Guitar String Winder

Changing the strings is one of the constant and crucial activities of a guitar player. Professional guitar players have their own string winder and this can be a lot helpful to a beginner guitar player to change strings quickly. If you’re on a budget, this accessory is both cheap and useful.

The following are string winders below $20:

Christmas Gift #5 – Guitar Picks

The smallest but not the least. This small, thin piece of plastic like a triangle or pointed teardrop is used to strum or pluck the strings of the guitar. You get a louder and brighter tone using a guitar pick than using your fingers in strumming.

Guitarists are quite picky with their picks – its size matters, the shape also adds to its feels and the color is a personal choice. A lighter gauge pick is recommended for beginners.

You can find great guitar picks with the following brands:

Christmas Gift #6 – Guitar Stand

A guitar stand is designed to securely hold a guitar in an upright position. 

Other musicians have purposely placed a guitar on a stand to keep the instrument within reach. It makes them want to pick it up and play the guitar every time they see it.

There are two things you need to look for in a guitar stand: stability and durability. It must be strong enough to hold the guitar and steady enough to keep it from sliding.

We also have different styles to choose from:

The tubular stand is the default style for beginners but some guitar players prefer wall-hanging stands to save space.

You can explore these brands – Hercules, Ultimate, Fender, Gravity, and K&M.

Christmas Gift #7 – Guitar Capo

Another small accessory designed to clamp all strings to instantly change the key of a song, avoid barre chords, get a brighter sound, and play alternate chord voicings. 

Capos make learning the guitar easier for beginners. If the guitarist is also the singer, this gear is definitely needed.

Here are some capo styles to choose from:

Trigger capos are the most popular, easy to use, and a good choice for beginners.

Christmas Gift #8 – Guitar Cable

Cables are for electric and acoustic-electric guitars. They need cables to connect the guitar to a guitar amp. Cables simply carry the guitar’s sound signal to the amp and speakers.

Here are some of the reliable brands to explore:

The next four gears are honestly pricey but worth it for the people you love the most.

Christmas Gift #9 – Acoustic Guitars

Who doesn’t know what an acoustic guitar is?

An acoustic guitar is a classic choice for beginners and professionals alike. It is the most popular, beginner-friendly and portable instrument. Every musician, even those playing electric guitar have an acoustic guitar at home. 

If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar on a budget, you can find great deals on quality acoustic guitars under $250.

Christmas Gift #10 – Electric Guitars

An electric guitar is another popular choice next to an acoustic. You can find all sorts of different electric guitars on the market these days. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes to suit anyone’s taste.

It is for those who want to explore other guitar tones which are available through the amplifier or simply someone who loves playing in a band.

We have here a list of decent electric guitars under $250.

Christmas Gift #11 – Guitar Amp

Of course, what can get an electric guitar working if not for this gear. 

Christmas Gift

Guitars need an amplifier to be loud enough to perform on stage. A guitar amp is a device mainly used for amplifying sound of a guitar but more than that, it also provides different tones than the usual clean sound of an acoustic guitar.

We have here a list of combo amps with 10 to 50 Watts. The lower wattage amps are for practice or home use while the higher wattage amps are used in small gigs.

Christmas Gift #12 – Guitar Cases

If you want to get a guitar player the perfect gift, a guitar case always counts best. The right case not only protects the instrument from damage, it also keeps it safe from getting lost or stolen. 

There are a variety of different types of cases available to fit every need and budget. Some of the most popular options include hard-shell cases and gig bags. An instrument case makes a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Quality Gig Bag

Here are some qualities you need to look for a gig bag:

  • Proper neck or headstock support to hold the neck and headstock in place.
  • Stiffer case for crash protection for the body.
  • Thick rubber pad to protect the bottom part of the guitar.
  • Portability and durability.
  • A good fit case for the guitar so that the guitar will not move around inside the case.

Hard Case

This type offers plenty of protection than gig bags. They are rigid, definitely a solid crash protection. If you know the brand and model of the existing guitar your friend has, you can find an original custom fit case.

Some of the best brands for gig bags and hard cases are Fender, Mono, Gretsch and Epiphone.

Here are some of the Mono bags featured in this video:

Go Play!

Go grab and give your perfect gift to inspire someone to play more and better. Let it serve as a warm reminder to start or continue learning and playing passionately.

Buying a present for your guitar player friend this Christmas is definitely not a difficult task. There’s a whole host of options to pick from. Whatever your budget may be, you’re sure to find something that your guitar-playing friend will love. And with a little bit of creativity, your present is sure to be a hit!

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