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Guitarist Academy's New Mobile App is the Best Way to Learn Guitar in Just 10 Minutes a Day!

Learning how to play the guitar can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be difficult to know where to start. That’s why Guitarist Academy’s new mobile app is the best way to learn guitar.

1-1 Coaching​

Connect with one of our world-class coaches for a quick question, all within the app itself! Ask your coach anything about guitar. It's like having your own personalised guitar teacher!

Insanely well-structured lessons

Our app offers bite-sized lessons for beginners ranging from absolute beginner to expert-level players, and the easy to follow lessons fit into your busy schedule.

The power of community

It's always more fun when learning guitar with friends, and we make it easy for you to grow a community of like-minded musicians​

Learn the guitar Easily

If you’ve wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but you thought it was out of your reach then think again.

Now that Guitarist Academy’s app is available, now is the perfect time to start learning.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when learning how to play the guitar. Guitarist Academy’s new mobile app makes it easy and convenient for you to learn, even if you’re short on time. Our lessons are bite-sized and well-structured, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.

Develop Good Habits

Our Practice Tracker helps make practising addictive! Once you get a streak going, it will motivate you to practice everyday.

You will get a streak for every day that you complete a practice session, even if it is just for 5 minutes. As long as you practise everyday, your streak will continue!

The Practice Tracker is like a Personal Trainer and helps you develop good habits and motivates you to keep going.

Step by Step Courses

Access our collection of detailed courses on a variety of topics that’ll help you learn guitar take you and your playing to the next level. Our guitar lessons are designed for adult beginners.

We begin by teaching you the fundamentals, and then assist you in playing your favorite songs on the guitar. Everything you’ll need to become a fantastic player is included! All it takes is ten minutes each day.

Why You Will Love Learning with Guitarist Academy

If you’re looking for the best way to learn guitar, you’ve found it right here with Guitarist Academy’s new mobile app.

Eliminate Mistakes

Learn The #1 Mistake Most Guitarists Make – And How To Avoid It!

Playing Chords

How to play and change between chords so they always sound great.

Practice Tips

Why practicing 10 hours a day won’t make you a better guitarist & what to do instead


Learn all the basic skills needed to play the acoustic or electric guitar.

Play Songs

Learn How To Play Your First 2 Songs In Just 5 Days!


Learn how to make your strumming sound more creative and dynamic.


Discover the essential techniques for playing the electric or acoustic guitar.

And More...

We add new content every mont based on community feedback.

Fun and effective tools to learn guitar

Guitarist academy’s mobile app is packed with everything you need to learn how to play the guitar. We’ve got in-depth courses, access to our 1-1 coaching feature, guitar tuner, chord change buddy, and even a practice tracker so you develop good habits.

Guitar Tuner

You can be an amazing guitarist, but if your guitar is out of tune, you’ll sound dreadful.

Our tuner allows you to tune your guitar quickly and easily. The tuner uses the built-in mic on your phone, so it is compatible with both electric and acoustic guitars. Just follow the prompts and you’ll be in tune faster than you ever thought possible.

Chord Change Buddy

If you want to improve your chord changes, then our Chord Change Buddy is the tool for you. 

It’s as simple as it sounds! You are prompted to select 4 open major or minor chords and a starting tempo. The best part? It tracks your progress so you can see how much better (or worse) you’re getting at changing chords.

This innovation lets you switch between chords smoothly, so there will be no more dead spots or awkward pauses in your songs ever again.


If you want to become a fantastic player, then we’ve got the tool you need. Our metronome allows you to work on your timing and speed in a simple and easy way.

You will be able to see how much faster (or slower) you’re getting when it comes to playing guitar techniques, such as strumming or picking.


Our 1-1 coaching feature is the easiest way to get answers to your guitar questions. Simply submit a question and receive a response within 24 hours!

Our coaches will be able to help you with any aspect of learning how to play the guitar, such as techniques, songs, practising habits, and more!

Never feel alone or lost again! Our coaching feature allows you to receive personalised guidance from some of the best guitar players in the world.

Download Guitarist Academy Mobile App Today

Whether you are looking for beginners lessons or advanced level lessons, Guitarist Academy has what you’re looking for. Our courses and learning tools will help you become a great guitar player!

Download our app today and get started playing the guitar for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, it is! Our app comes with a free lesson that covers some of the basics of playing guitar. If you like it, then upgrade and start learning from one of our world-class coaches!

We offer Beginner and intermediate level courses covering both electric and acoustic guitars for a number of genres such as rock, blues, fingerstyle, and more.

Our app has a number of different features that are designed to make learning guitar fun, engaging, and fast. These include in-depth courses, chord change buddy, 1-1 coaching feature, guitar tuner, practice tracker, metronome and more!

Simply submit a question via our app and within 24 hours you will receive a response from one of our coaches!

No, you are never too old to learn a new skill! You can start playing at any age and we have coaches that specialise in teaching people of all ages. In fact, all our lessons are designed specifically for adult beginners in their 40s, 50, 60’s.

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