Are You Over 40 & Feeling Frustrated, Confused, Or 'STUCK' With Your Guitar Playing?

Are You Over 40 & Feeling Frustrated, Confused, Or 'STUCK' With Your Guitar Playing?

Struggling to sync your fingers with your guitar dreams? Overwhelmed by too much information? It’s never too late to start – and you’re not alone. We’re here to help you.

At Guitarist Academy, we specialize in helping those over-40 to master the guitar. Our courses are tailored to make learning straightforward and enjoyable. Imagine playing your favorite songs confidently in just 30 days, even if today is your first day holding a guitar.

Just 10-15 minutes of daily practice is all it takes to see real progress.

Begin your guitar journey today. Download the Guitarist Academy app and start playing guitar today. Your next musical chapter starts now!

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Ready to Master Guitar?
Here's Your Personalized 30-Day Path

Embark on a journey of musical discovery that fits into your life. With Guitarist Academy, find your rhythm with just 10 minutes of daily practice. Our personalized Learning Paths are designed for the mature beginner, offering clear, easy-to-follow lessons that lead to real results, fast. No prior experience? No problem. You’ll get a sense of achievement and progress from day one.

Structured Learning Made Simple

Forget the hassle of aimless searching for lessons. Our structured pathways keeps you focused, with each session building on the last. 

You’ll not only learn but enjoy every step, ending the path with a repertoire of songs and a newfound confidence. And it’s all free – start your journey to guitar mastery now.”

Practice With Purpose for Maximum Progress

Practice makes progress – when done right! After each short lesson, spend 10 focused minutes practicing what you’ve learned. Apply those concepts and nail down new techniques.

Stay consistent! Even 10 minutes daily over 30 days leads to incredible improvement. Skip the long marathon sessions – it’s about forming a habit. Some students have 200+ day practice streaks.

Use our Practice Tracker to log your sessions. Seeing your history builds accountability. And remember to keep your streak alive!

You’ll be amazed how regular practice helps you smoothen chord changes, gain speed, improve finger dexterity, and get stage-ready.

Tools For Your Journey

Dive deeper into your musical odyssey with our handpicked tools, designed to cater to every aspect of your guitar learning journey. At Guitarist Academy, we believe that the right tools can amplify your progress, making every strum, chord, and note resonate with perfection. Whether you’re tuning your guitar, perfecting those chord changes, or seeking personalized guidance, our app equips you with everything you need. Let’s explore these tools that will be your steadfast companions as you journey through the world of guitar.

Embark on a journey crafted for speed and efficiency with our Guitar for Beginners Fast Track Course. This tailor-made course not only accelerates your learning trajectory but makes the process exhilarating!

Dive into curated lessons that introduce you to the joy of playing guitar without the frustrating slow pace that often accompanies learning a new instrument. Feel the rush of nailing those chords and tunes way faster than you imagined. We strip down the learning process to its most essential, allowing you to grasp the fundamentals swiftly and build a solid foundation.

Keep the Momentum Going: Our Practice Tracker is designed to help you stay motivated on your guitar journey. By simply logging your daily practice, you’ll see how consistent you’ve been over time. And with our streak tracker feature, you’ll find extra motivation to practice every day. In fact, some of our students have maintained practice streaks of over 200 days, proving that consistency is the key to mastery!

Sculpt Your Guitar Journey: Tailor your journey with personalized goals that keep you on the path to mastery. Our Goal Tracker is more than a tool; it’s your personal roadmap to becoming a guitarist. Set milestones, track your progress, and celebrate your achievements as you inch closer to your dream with every session. The 30-Day Challenge within the Goal Tracker offers a structured approach, encouraging you to meet and exceed your targets, fostering a deeper connection with your instrument day by day.

Essential Tools at Your Fingertips: We have integrated the indispensable tuner and metronome right into our platform, eradicating the need for extra downloads and ensuring a seamless learning experience. Whether it’s tuning your guitar to the perfect pitch or practicing rhythm with the metronome, these tools are designed to hone your skills effectively. Embrace the 30-Day Challenge to make the most of these utilities, guiding you on a structured path to evolve into the guitarist you’ve aspired to be, one strum at a time.

What Our Students Say


“Before Guitarist Academy, I was stuck in a cycle of learning the same three chords. I couldn’t play a full song, and I was about to give up. Now not only can I play multiple songs in full, but I’ve also started to improvise! This was the breakthrough I needed.”

~ Glenda


I had dabbled in guitar lessons online but never found a structured approach that worked for me. I was aimless and frustrated. Guitarist Academy gave me a roadmap. Now, I can confidently play through several scales and have even started fingerpicking! This is the most progress I’ve made in the shortest time.

~ Taylor


I had a guitar collecting dust because every time I tried to learn, it just felt overwhelming. I couldn’t even play a simple tune. I’m now playing whole songs and my family was blown away when I performed at a gathering. I’m finally excited about my guitar journey!

~ Jordan

What Sets Us Apart: Your Comprehensive Toolkit for Success

We’ve designed our app with your frustrations and aspirations in mind. We know the guitar journey can be overwhelming, so we’re making it as simple and effective as possible.

Gamified Experience

Progress Badges: Earn digital badges 
for achieving various milestones. Make your learning journey as fun as it is rewarding.

Constant Motivation

Check-in Emails/Notifications: Receive
daily tips, motivational messages, and
previews of upcoming lessons directly to
your inbox or phone.

Additional Resources

Downloadable Extras: Keep handy “cheat sheets,” chord diagrams, and song tabs at your fingertips for offline practice.

Tailored Guidance

Personalized Feedback: Our certified instructors will review your video
submissions or offer real-time corrections during live sessions. You’re not alone; we’re with you every step of the way.

Engaging Learning

Mini-Challenges & Quizzes: After each
lesson, test your knowledge and skills with interactive quizzes, play along and mini-challenges. Perfect for reinforcing what
you’ve learned.


Dedicated Support Group: Get access to 
an exclusive community forum where you 
can ask questions, share your progress, 
and celebrate milestones with 
fellow learners.

Live Support

Expert Q&A Sessions: Take part in live
Q&A sessions hosted by experienced guitarists to get personalized advice and answers to your burning questions.

Showcase Your Talent

Family & Friends Showcase: Cap off your
30-day journey with an optional performance where you can showcase your newfound skills to loved ones.

Next Steps

Special Follow-Up Offers: Keep the
momentum going with exclusive access to our beginner-to-intermediate courses at special discounted rates.

Join Us in Our Mission to Help Adults Learn Guitar Easier

Embrace the guitar with ease and joy, tailored for your adult learning pace. Guitarist Academy is your gateway to a fulfilling musical experience, crafted for your utmost convenience. Dive into our extensive resources and bring your beloved tunes to life. Get the app on the App Store and strum your way to excitement!

Frequently Asked Questions

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incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

Absolutely! You get free access to the core features mentioned above, including the course and various tracker tools. For an enhanced experience, you can upgrade to our Pro Membership which gives you access to coaching, personalised feedback, and additional courses and support.

No worries! The lessons are there for you to catch up whenever you can.

Our Pro Membership includes personalized coaching and feedback, access to expert Q&A sessions, an end-of-challenge showcase opportunity, and more exclusive benefits to supercharge your learning.

Begin Your Guitar Journey Today

Ready to harness the joy of guitar playing at your own pace? Guitarist Academy offers a seamless, enriching experience designed with your comfort in mind. Gain access to our comprehensive suite of resources and start playing the music you love. Download now on the App Store and let your guitar adventure begin!

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